isdv on site: round table of events management in Lower Saxony

Already last week, the well-established round table of the events industry took place as scheduled under the direction of Ms. Claudia Simon, head of department 2 medium-sized companies of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics.

The Ministry presented the “Business Aid for KMU Niedersachsen”. This aid is designed for "small and medium-sized companies whose existence is threatened as a result of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine". So also intended for companies in the event industry. It also includes the electricity and gas price brake. Criticisms of the isdv are: Freelancers are categorically excluded. They are not eligible to apply, which has to do with the "proof of operational activity," according to the ministry. And: a cash balance between 07/01/22 and 11/30/22 is used. If this was above a fixed amount, there is no access to help. Over the months, however, many people received the bridging aid. This can quickly lead to exclusion.

Optimal is different. You can apply for help from 02/23/23 to 03/31/23. Further information is available from the N-Bank at:

With a new funding program for organizers, on the other hand, a really well-suited aid is being planned. This fund is intended to absorb loss of ticket sales for events taking place in Lower Saxony "with tickets on public sale". The only exceptions are sales events. This could be a really good utility.

The concept is still under negotiation and the exact details and an exact start date are not yet known. But the building blocks presented give hope for the best.

Since the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics is also talking to other federal states about this, a more or less the same system could result across the board.

The next round table will follow and isdv will be there again.

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(Pictures: MW, Lower Saxony)

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