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Welcome to your professional association. Whether event technicians, tour managers, pyrotechnicians, stage builders, production managers, drivers, technical planners, cooks, designers, catering teams, agents, merchandisers or freelance bookers - all those who are service providers in the event industry have a voice and a lobby through us.

The event economy

Over 1 million employees, over 243,000 companies, 43% solo self-employed, EUR 81 billion annual turnover. The events industry is one of the most important economic sectors in Germany.

The "Event Management Map" of the IGVW eV provides detailed information about the composition and importance of the economic sector. The members of the isdv are an important part of this economy, because they form the backbone without which nothing works.

The isdv as an interest group

The association gives the service providers of the events industry a face and a voice in the political sphere. The isdv is registered in the lobby register of the Bundestag and works on topics from the economic areas and the topics of work and social affairs in the front line.

We are part of the federal working group of self-employed associations, work in the event management interest group and are involved in the event management forum.

The isdv advocates more independence and significantly more involvement in political decisions. We are active on the topics:

  1. Strengthening the self-employed
  2. solution to bogus self-employment
  3. Functional status determination
  4. Social security for the self-employed
  5. Reduce the tax burden of self-employment
  6. Eliminate bureaucratic obstacles and burdens
  7. secure assignment
  8. start-up advice
  9. Daily rates/fees
  10. and much more

In order to achieve our goals, we have teamed up with strong partners in networks. In the Federal Working Group of Self-Employed Associations (BAGSV) we work on federal political issues, are regularly invited to talks in Berlin and act as experts in committees of the Bundestag. In the event industry interest group (IGVW), we participate in internal industry issues such as quality standards (SQ), training and further education and standardization issues. Another network is the event management forum. Here we discuss political issues with industry associations, develop joint press releases and meet federal and state politicians to enforce the interests of the events industry.

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An interest group for young people

Around 4,000 specialists are trained in Germany every year. The isdv helps with its own programs so that these trainees and young professionals are optimally prepared for everyday life. After all, the future of the self-employed also depends on well-trained young people.

The isdv supports the trainees in the event management with a free membership with all associated advantages. Access to our forum and thus contact to long-standing members and their experience is the basis for the exchange with future colleagues.

Cooperation with other associations within the IGVW, such as the DTHG, the German Theater Association and the VPLT, opens up a wide range of opportunities for our young people to expand their specialist knowledge ( as well as to improve training conditions (

The support of the CrewCall network (, whose main concern is to bring “old and young hands” together, subject-specific exchange of experience and preparation for the intermediate and final exams, is also part of it.

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With public relations for more attention

Germany is an employee country. Everything is designed for dependent employment. Politicians, the media and the public are primarily concerned with the concerns of employees. That is considered normal, that is considered safe living, that is considered desirable.

The isdv and its partner associations set a clear counterpoint here. We also need diversity in the forms of employment and we do not tolerate self-employment per se being equated with precariat or bogus self-employment or exploitation.

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