board of directors

Our board consists of 6 people.

Marcus Pohl

1. Chairman
Production Manager, owner of Artist Alliances

“isdv gives the many self-employed and freelancers a voice and a face, regardless of their job. We need a strong lobby to influence and change things in our interest within the industry and in the area of work and social affairs at federal level. I want to change something. That is why isdv is very important to me.”

Sebastian "Basty" Duelingman

2nd Chairman
Tour manager and accountant

“It is important to me that the isdv clarifies many topics. As well as a rethinking must take place in the entire industry. A simple "we've always done it this way" or "it all costs far too much, I can't charge the full daily rate for that" has nothing to do with today's relation!"

Martin Herrmann

Specialist planner for visitor security

"Of course independently! As an event manager and specialist planner for visitor safety, safe work and safe events are of course important to me. But the often unclear contractual regulations between clients and contractors also need to be improved. Clear agreements create trust and security on both sides. We.Together.Now!"

Jennifer Pohl

board member
Sociologist MA

Marc Stahly

board member
audio engineer

“A colleague brought me to isdv a few years ago. At that time I was very hesitant because I wasn't aware of the point of an association. Why do I need an advocacy group? Why become politically active, things are going great in my company! But the more I dealt with the topics of isdv, the more I became aware that there are two possibilities: either politicians make decisions that affect me as a solo self-employed person and that may have a negative impact on my company, or my advocacy group has an influence on it and fights for my interests. When I was asked in 2021 whether I would like to join the isdv management team, I knew I had to do it! This is the only way I can influence industry-relevant, political decisions and improve the working environment of the self-employed in the event industry.”

Mathilda Kruschel

board member
Rigger, lighting technician and lighting desk operator

Karin Zweigler

board member
Dipl.-Betriebswirtin (D.H.), FAIT

entrepreneurs rock – thank you for being one!
Jeder von uns soll die Freiheit haben, seine Arbeit nach eigenen Vorstellungen zu gestalten, um gut und (rechts)sicher davon leben zu können.
Mir geht es darum, dabei zu unterstützen, die Mitglieder mit dem professionellen Rüstzeug auszustatten, als Unternehmer ernst genommen zu werden.
Unsere Aufgabe als Interessenvertretung ist es, aktiv zu sein und Veränderungen herbeizuführen – für eine sichere und selbstbestimmte Zukunft aller Selbstständigen.

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