isdv on site: General meeting of the Economic Council

isdv on site: Yesterday evening, the general meeting of the Economic Council of Hesse took place in Frankfurt, with the election of a new board. This was followed by the annual reception of the Economic Council with Volker Bouffier (Hessian MP, CDU) as guest speaker. One of his requests to the approximately 200 entrepreneurs in the hall was that he would like to see more loud voices in the entrepreneurial community that campaign for Europe. “If Europe fails and nationalism takes overt, our prosperity will not be maintained.” That is why he calls for more and louder commitment from entrepreneurs for a stronger Europe.
That is entirely in our spirit. Who remembers Europe with border controls? With daily changing currencies, customs formalities, etc? We don't want that again. This massively hinders our work.
One of our founding members (Michael "Commander" Gehrke, deceased 2015) always said 10 years ago: "My capital is called Brussels, Germany is a federal state of the European Union and Berlin is only the capital of this federal state".

(Image credit: ISDV and © European Union)

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