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The seventh "Event Management Discussion Round" with State Secretary Thomas Bareiß took place last Thursday morning. In addition to the associations, the BMAS and the BMF were also represented.

The topics that we associations had put on the agenda were: EU aid, determination of uniform nationwide requirements for the organization of events, extension of all aid measures until 1Q 2022, status of cancellation and economic aid for trade fairs and congresses, adjustments to the Extension of bridging aid III, regulation on handling ticket vouchers, lifting of the ban on dancing, short-time work regulations.

It was more a matter of placing a topic and touching a wound than a concrete exchange about it. State Secretary Bareiß has once again shown himself to be the link between the events industry and the various ministries. Only the Ministry of Health did not heed its call and again shone with its absence.

State Secretary Bareiß was positive about further and faster opening steps for the event industry. He then publicly represented this in an interview in the newspaper Welt am Sonntag. He also came up with some pragmatic solutions for the ticket voucher regime, which are certainly suitable as a mind game, but are unlikely to meet with the approval of the Ministry of Finance.
This was the last meeting with the BMWI in a larger group before the summer break of the Bundestag. The next meeting must take place before the election. The themes we set are pressing. We cannot wait until after the general election for aid to be extended. We made that clear to Mr Bareiß and the ministries.

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