Addition to the ÜH3

ADDITIONAL HELP also for the self-employed:

according to a press release just issued by the BMWI, the aid from the ÜH3/restart aid will be supplemented by additional funds.

Eligible are companies with a drop in sales of at least 50 percent in at least three months in the period from November 2020 to June 2021.

equity grant up to 40 percent of the eligible fixed costs according to No. 1 to 11 of FAQ 2.4.

For company of the event- and travel management, in addition to the general flat rate for personnel costs, a start-up aid of 20 percent of the wage bill that would have been incurred in the corresponding reference month 2019 will be introduced for each month of support.

The Event and culture industry can also Claim cancellation and preparation costs incurred up to 12 months before the start of the planned event date.

As for Solo self-employed with income exclusively from freelance and commercial activities A right to choose will also be created for self-employed persons who are partners in partnerships: They can submit the application for restart assistance either through an examining third party or as a direct application (the application for restart assistance through examining third parties is therefore only obligatory for corporations).

Companies and the self-employed receive a Subsequent right to choose between restart assistance and bridging assistance III at the time of the final settlement. In this way, the most favorable aid in the individual case can be determined retrospectively due to the uncertain course of economic development.

This means that a whole range of improvements have been incorporated, some of which have been brought in by the associations of the event management forum.

Here is the press release:

Federal Ministry of Finance - Bridging Aid III: Significant improvement and new equity grant for companies particularly affected by the Corona crisis

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