Economic summit with Peter Altmaier

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An economic summit of the BMWI took place today with the participation of Federal Minister of Economics Altmaier and around 80 participants. Jens Michow (BDKV), Jörn Huber (FAMAB) and Marcus Pohl (ISDV) were part of the event management summit. The representatives were able to raise their points and address the most pressing issues to Mr. Altmaier again. There wasn't much time, 1 minute was given to everyone. By no means all participants had a chance to speak directly. This summit simply leaves too little time for that.
It is good that such a summit is taking place, but the ISDV, like other participants in the group, would like to have significantly more time so that there can be a direct discussion and not just presenting the position with general answers takes place. But it's good anyway and we're already looking forward to the next appointment.
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