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A first step has been taken. The event industry is expressly taken into account in the coming aid. We know how difficult and nerve-wracking it was to get here and we are partly satisfied with the result. “You can also give him animal names Mr. Scholz and Mr. Altmaier” has become the new start-up aid for the self-employed, but it does not come close to meeting our expectations. The November aid also includes those indirectly affected, which could include all of our members. But here it is important to wait for the implementation notices before the big jubilation. It wouldn't be the first time that bold promises got lost in the fine print. The associations and initiators of the Action Alliance Red Alert presented the ministry with case studies that we believe must be taken into account.

Here is the press release from the BMF and BMWI: https://bit.ly/3eX4IL2


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