Electrician: DKE clarifies responsibility.

As early as March 28, 2023, the "German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies - DKE" announced in a statement that mobile electrical systems in event technology "should not be regarded as permanently connected electrical systems within the scope of the standards in the DIN VDE 0100 (VDE 0100) series (are) and (they) are to be carried out by an "electrician for event technology".

The "electrician for event technology" is the qualification according to IGVW SQQ1. The electrical systems are described in SQP4 of the IGVW.

Those who completed the training as a specialist for event technology in 2016 or later have this qualification included. Anyone who has completed before that must complete an upgrade course in order to be allowed to work as an electrician for event technology.

In any case, it is necessary to carry out an annual update. There are corresponding update courses for this at the educational institutions.

The "Electrician for specified activities" can still be used, but only makes sense in an employee relationship.

The announcement is very good for our industry. On the one hand, the IGVW will be strengthened as a standard-setting institution, on the other hand, we can get many more electricians for event technology and the self-employed also have better opportunities to offer their corresponding qualifications on the market.

Here you can find the original announcement of the DKE:


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(Note d. R.: we deleted the previous post because it said that the "skilled worker for specified activities" was passé. We corrected this. In the comments it was written, among other things, that the SQQ1 would only apply to employees This is not the case. Point 2 of SQQ1 and point 2.9 of SQP4 make it clear: "When assigning tasks to persons (employees or contractors), the entrepreneur/client must, depending on the type of electrotechnical activities, take into account whether these persons are qualified to do so. These persons must have the technical qualifications and comply with the rules and standards to be observed for safety and health protection."

If the self-employed have completed the SQQ1, they are qualified accordingly and are allowed to work with it. It is wrong to say that any work should not be carried out by the self-employed.

Only the way in which contractors and clients work together can lead to the determination of bogus self-employment in individual cases when considering social law (§7a SGB IV: instruction and involvement). That means client and contractor worked together as one would with employees. But that has nothing to do with the qualification of the self-employed person.)

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