OF Hanover 10/19

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Yesterday an open forum took place in Hanover. Together with the kreHtiv network in Hanover, creative people and event technicians met to exchange views on the topics of commissioning the self-employed, bogus self-employment and employment.
Both groups have some overlaps, but also topics that are not (yet) relevant to the other. For example, bogus self-employment among designers and graphic artists is not as acute as it is here. For that roleLets go of the click-working there and pushes the pricing down. This is not yet a common marketplace for us.
Marcus reported in detail on the status of bogus self-employment and the discussions in the BMAS. We also talked about the difficulties in changing from self-employment to employment.
Many thanks to Christine Preitauer, managing director of the kreHtiv network, and a special thanks to Ingmar Vater for the excellent organization and discussion management of the evening.

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