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The application for restart help for GbR shareholders and one-person corporations has now been approved. Unfortunately, the BMWi wants to go back to the examining third party. The costs are capped additionally.

Excerpt from FAQ NSH 4.1.: “If you also want to claim sales from partnerships or if the application is to be made for your one-person corporation, then submit the application through a third party. The third party will check the plausibility of your information before submitting the application and will advise you on questions regarding the application requirements and the application procedure."

Excerpt from FAQ NSH 4.3.: "The examining third party states its costs when applying for the restart aid. Up to a requested funding amount of 5000 euros, the costs claimed will be subsidized up to an amount of 250 euros. If the requested funding amount is more than 5000 euros, the subsidy is five percent of the requested funding amount.”

All details at:

Shareholders of corporations with up to four shareholders still have to wait. This will come “at a later date”. There is no exact timeframe for this.


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