Compensation suit Dany Rau

On January 13th, 2023, isdv member Dany Rau's first hearing for compensation against the state of Baden-Württemberg took place in front of the district court in Stuttgart.

In the explanations of the judge and the lawyer on the other side, approval of Dany's and RA Augustin's reasons could be perceived between the lines, but the current case law would only give a negative assessment.

The biggest hammer was that the opposing lawyer noticed that in the present If an entrepreneurial risk came into play that Dany should have taken into account.

The judge found that while Dany is certainly threatened, like many others, her current view of the case requires her to dismiss the case. However, she promised Dany to think about it again.

The verdict is to be announced on January 27, 2023. We are eagerly awaiting the explanation.

Many thanks to Dany for walking this path for all of us and not letting the many stones stop you. Thanks also to the self-employed who were there. This always helps as the judges see that there is a general interest in the trial.

Anyone who would like to support Dany in coping with the costs can donate here:

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