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The restart help for the self-employed is now live and can now be applied for. All natural persons (businesspeople, freelancers, artists, actors) can use the restart aid with their Elster certificate. This also applies to those who only have small losses in sales. Then the restart help becomes a liquidity bridging.

All GbR shareholders (e.g. bands) and managing directors of corporations (one-person GmbH) have to wait another one to two weeks. A separate portal will be set up for them. You are then also entitled to apply individually (i.e. not the company as a whole) for the restart aid.

Also important: you can either apply for restart help or ÜH3. Not both.

We've put a reboot help calculator available for download: ÜH 3 and restart help (

The application for restart help and all information about it can be found at:

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