isdv – what to do now

isdv – what to do now:

Dear entrepreneurs, while we are all impatiently waiting for the details and the release of help, everyone can prepare and compile the following documents that will certainly be needed:
  1. Bring your bookkeeping up to date.
  2. Lists all open claims and attaches notes about current discussions.
  3. Compiles all written documents, including emails and notes of conversations, of the canceled orders.
  4. Get in touch with your tax advisor and
    1. let all open annual financial statements be drawn up.
    2. go through the numbers with him/her so that you become confident in your argument.
    3. creates a forecast for 2020/2021.
  5. Contact your tax office and ask for a reduction in the EKSTVZ and the GWST measurement amount. (Deferrals will not get you any further and are time-consuming)
  6. Asks for repayment of advance payments already made.
  7. Contact your city/municipality/municipality and apply for a reduction in the GWSTVZ based on the new measurement amount previously received.
  8. Contact your health insurance company and
    1. legally insured: apply for a reduction in premiums immediately
    2. privately insured: takes out special services such as single/double rooms or treatment by the chief physician, possibly increases the deductible in order to reduce the contribution.
  9. Make an appointment with your bank advisor. This is increasingly only possible by email or telephone, as many branches have already closed. Presents the previously prepared documents, explains the current situation and negotiates:
    1. Increase the credit line on the checking account as an immediate measure
    2. As soon as it is clear what help is available and where, talk about how it can be used for you
    3. Talk about possible rescheduling of home loans and the like. at better interest rates.
If you start now, you will be well prepared for the day when the
Aid funds can flow. Only sober numbers help. You don't have to be there
Appear in a suit, but maybe not exactly with the burst pillow
under the arm.
Remember that bankers generally don't know our business.
Tour stories don't help. Safety with your own numbers, safety in
the future prospects for 2021, restraint and commitment are the order of the day
the hour.

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