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A meeting of the federal working group for self-employed associations (BAGSV) took place in Berlin on 17.04.23. With 15 associations on site and 3 more online, a whole range of topics were discussed and advanced. Here are the most important:

  1. Obligation to provide for old age / status determination / health insurance contributions - what's new, where are discussions taking place and with whom?
  2. Old-age provision depot - presentation and debate of this form of old-age provision.
  3. Maternity protection/parental allowance - what does it have to look like for the self-employed?
  4. Unemployment Insurance - Presentation of Pof's Policy Paper. dr Weber (IAB).
  5. Safe commissioning by means of the "ARGE". presentation and debate.
  6. Where are the Greens going? Analysis.
  7. Discussion of the position paper of the creative associations on artificial intelligence.
  8. Trade tax - a nuisance for many self-employed people. What can we do?
  9. Day care workers also for self-employed parents.

After 7 hours of deliberations and a resulting plan for upcoming talks in the political arena, the evening ended in the Hardrock Café Berlin.

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