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The social and economic dialogue took place for the third time within two weeks. This time Mr. Thomas Heilmann was a guest. Mr. Heilmann is a member of the board of the CDU parliamentary group, a member of the committee for work and social affairs, and spokesman for the working group "Future of work".

Mr. Heilmann, himself a multiple founder and self-employed, knows the problems of the status determination procedure only too well. In his view, it is not at all intended for those who want to work independently. Nevertheless, everyone is shorn of the same comb and that raises difficulties that would not be necessary.

In his view, there are many categories of self-employed. That should be considered in the process. And if there were 400 different catalogs of criteria for all categories and sectors, then that would be the case. This could be recorded very easily using digital solutions and decisions made immediately accordingly. Digital solutions would strengthen independence and reduce regulation. That would be a sensible approach, says Heilmann.

The procedure regarding the recently pushed through changes in the SFV (which isdv reported) surprised and amazed him too. Mr. Heilmann is counting on the fact that the obligation to provide for old age will come with the next government and that the procedure will then be unnecessary and would only be necessary for a few individual cases.

He is also not a fan of staff leasing. Mr. Heilmann called the procedure bureaucratic nonsense that you don't need. The borrowers are employed by someone. Whether they are borrowed or employed by someone else makes no fundamental difference in taxes or anything else. It's just a bureaucratic inconvenience.

The biggest problem is the logic of responsibility in Germany. There is always a lot of leeway here, which always leads to unresolved problems in the end. This logic of responsibility can be solved quickly and easily with the help of digitization.

Mr. Heilmann has just published a book on this point (title: Neustaat) and his tip to us is: put pressure on digitization, because digitization requires clarification.

A very good conversation with lots of information and future-oriented views.


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