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At the demo in Düsseldorf on August 12th, 2020, there was a conversation with State Secretary Christoph Dammermann (FDP). This has become an appointment to which VPLT, FAMAB and EVVC were added to the ISDV.
We four associations have demonstrated unity and yet made clear the specialties of the sub-areas that each represents.
The ninety-minute conversation, which also included Annette Voigt for the industry department, Birgitt Kocks for the bridging aid and Dr. Elke Wiedmann for the emergency aid, Economics Minister Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart (FDP) for about 20 minutes.
We were able to present the dramatic situation in the events industry and use many concrete examples to illustrate the inadequacies of emergency aid and bridging aid.
The joint demand of the four associations is a special program to save the event industry. The six points of this broadcast program are:
1. Targeted financial support
SEU and SMEs are granted financial aid based on the previous year's turnover without a cap.
2. Extension of the entitlement period and more flexibility for short-time work benefits
It was already announced on the same day by Mr. Scholz that this should probably happen. But it is also part of our demands and very important for the industry.
3. Adjustments to the existing credit programs
The rating requirements need to be relaxed; an extension/flexibility of the repayment-free years and an extension of the terms must be decided. The exemption from liability must be extended to 100 percent.
4. Expansion of the possibilities of loss carrybacks determined on a flat-rate basis
This includes the inclusion of all years that are still legally open.
5. Extensions and improvements in the "Work of Tomorrow Act"."
We demand the promotion of industry-specific training and further education measures.
6. Initiation of a "Federal Commissioner for the Events Industry" and regular consultations between the events industry and politics
Due to the diversity of our industry and the associated diverse tasks, we consider a Federal Commissioner to be immanently important. We function in all basic ways differently than other branches of the economy.
The result of the talks with State Secretary Dammermann is the will to repeat this appointment and the willingness to involve us associations in communication at state level.
A very positive meeting that we will expand.
Many thanks to the colleagues Vera Viehöfer (FAMAB), Burkhard Schmitz (FAMAB), Timo Feuerbach (EVVC) and Randell Greenlee (VPLT) for the great cooperation.
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In the group picture from left to right: Senior Councilor Annette Voigt, Randell Greenlee (VPLT), Burkhard Schmitz (FAMAB), Vera Viehöfer (FAMAB), Marcus Pohl (isdv), Timo Feuerbach (EVVC) and State Secretary Christoph Dammermann. (Pictures: MWIDE NRW)

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