isdv on site: Forum Event Management meets ifo Institute

The event management forum met with Mr. Wohlrabe from the ifo-Institut digital on Monday and discussed what the ifo needs to record the event management as a separate branch of the economy.

At the end of the conversation, a draft was on the table. This is now being checked again at the ifo Institute. Other industry associations are also involved. If the test is positive, a first test balloon could be launched as early as April and in May the ifo Institute could present the event industry as an aggregate and possibly also start an event industry index similar to Bitcom's digital index in the future.

That depends very much on the will and zeal of the participating companies. Unfortunately, only companies with five or more employees are surveyed. But there will soon be a solution for this in a cross-industry context.

On the results of Mr. Wohlrabe is already very interested.

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