Ifo climate index of the events industry

Ifo climate index of the events industry December 2022 / January 2023.

The ifo Institute published the latest figures on developments in the events industry today.

The climate index is rising, which will be due to the view that is now considered certain that there will be no more corona-related restrictions on the event industry, but the order situation in January fell by another 10 percent compared to the December value.

The Prices drop by a further 6 percent and, unsurprisingly, so does sales.

The number of employees decreases by 7%. That's a catastrophe!! This means that the VAW companies either do not manage to keep their employees and create prospects for them, or the managing directors themselves do not have confidence in the future of their company.

Lowering prices when inflation is high, energy prices are rising and sales are negative is not an option for us.

That's why the isdv calls again and again: keep the prices at the level of October and November. This is the only way we can get the industry out of the trough.

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