BMAS Future Dialogue

Today was another appointment at the BMAS. The "Future Dialogue" chaired by State Secretary Dr Rolf Schmachtenberg today dealt with the following theses:

1. Strengthening of primary distribution - introduction of voluntary "living wages"
This is a model used in England. One could say: a state-organized marketing tool for large companies. A good model for capturing tariff-free sectors and segments, at least morally.

2. Strengthening of secondary distribution – relief for low earners. The core content is that low-income earners could receive a tax break of EUR 100 per month. This should also apply to the self-employed on low wages.

3. Adaptation in social security law
An optional status determination procedure, which would be future-oriented, but only for one order and if the contract is not lived as it is written, the decision will be revised.
From our point of view, this does not represent an improvement. On the contrary. I was able to point out a number of additional problems that would arise as a result. But at least a change.

4. Adaptation in labor law
This is about the thesis that platform operators could be held more accountable to the contractors of the platform economy by reversing the burden of proof.

An interesting round of talks and good arguments on all sides. We occupy the topics that concern us/you. triple steps to success.

(Marcus Pohl)

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