Survey: ESSENCE-ERASMUS project

To all sound technicians, sound engineers, sound engineers and those interested in ProAudio:

The ESSENCE-ERASMUS project is working on a joint live sound qualification, which should work across Europe in all European vocational training systems and will also be recognized accordingly throughout the European Union.

Together with seven organizations from Europe, the Association of German Tonmeisters (Association of German Tonmeister:innen eV, member of the IGVW) standardized training guidelines for prospective sound specialists with the aim of completing a qualification based on the European educational qualification level 5.

The basis of this project is the IGVW-SQQ 7, which the VDT also created as an ERASMUS project for Germany.

Instead of the previously customary autodidactic training for specialized sound engineers in the event sector, ESSENCE is intended to create a professionalized and standardized foundation at a European level.

We ask you to take part in the survey to record the requirements and skills of event companies, service providers and theaters etc. at the European Sound Technology Specialists (ESS) and to share your knowledge with us. Below you will find the links to the different categories. Please select the category that corresponds to your profession:

For employers and all service providers for event technology:

Especially for sound engineers:

For producers and organizers:

The more answers we get, the better the qualification can be worked out. Please take the time and work on the further development of the industry.

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