RESTART19 - Call for participation in a movement analysis at major events

For an industry that has had the pause button pressed for months, every step counts. It doesn't matter whether it's someone who leads into a political dialogue or someone who comes along with loud demands on the street or maybe that long-considered step onto the event area to create new concepts. In Leipzig, the SC DHFK handball players have teamed up with their venue, the Quarterback Immobilien Arena and the Halle University Hospital to take the scientific path.
On August 22, 2020, an event in three acts will take place in the Quarterback Immobilien Arena under real conditions. This is not a social experiment that tests how many participants get infected, but rather the monitoring and analysis of movement data from major event participants. Each visitor must meet strict criteria for admission to the study. Tests for an infection with SARS-CoV-2 are carried out in advance and the participants wear FFP2 masks throughout the event.
The study runs through a total of three scenarios to find out how many visitors come into contact with with different distance regulations, admission variants and hygiene requirements. Each participant is equipped with a transmitter that transmits profiles and contacts centrally.
We call on all colleagues, all friends and partners to make their contribution at this point and to show their suitability for the study to check. Let's look for new ways and find out in which direction our steps will go in the future. It doesn't matter whether it's to the left, right, forward or maybe a little backwards, we have to move - find other perspectives and bring results to the negotiating table.
Attention, don't wait too long. Registration deadline up to and including August 13, 2020:

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