Prolight + Sound BIZLounge: Video recording available!

Prolight + Sound BIZLounge (April 13, 2021): Restart – Current prospects for the Event Industry

What do we need to do to make sure visitors are safe while enabling economically viable events to take place? Why are so many experts convinced that a stringent testing strategy, supported by the industry, is a part of the solution? The roundtable will present solutions and discuss the complicated safety, political, and social aspects of confronting a worldwide pandemic regulated on a local basis - with a look across a European border to our neighbors in the Netherlands.

With Merten Wagnitz (ISDV), Marten Pauls (BDKV), Timo Feuerbach (EVVC), Betty Heywood (HAMM), Sven Hansen (BVVS), Eric Kant (Owner of Phase 01 Crowd Management)

Here is the video recording:


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