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isdv on site:

On Monday (February 3rd, 2020) a meeting between contractors and clients together with isdv took place in Burg Schnabel in Berlin at the invitation of Julian Steinemann.

The main topic was the statement by the VPLT's Human Resources working group, which stated that independent sole proprietors could no longer be commissioned in our industry. Julian's initial survey of almost 100 listeners found that the majority of them were self-employed, that nobody in the group could imagine working as an employee and that a good ¾ of the private pension providers present.

Marcus Pohl reported for the isdv on the current situation regarding the commissioning of the self-employed and explained why the isdv classifies this statement as factually incorrect.

The work contract in function and effect is the alternative for the industry. Legal certainty can only be created through a new cooperation between clients and contractors. The commissioning of individual entrepreneurs is undoubtedly still possible.

#the new togetherness
Many self-employed people in the group expressed their concerns and asked questions about them. Also on the political situation and above all the legal background. Representatives of the companies Ambion and TSE also took part in the discussion and explained why employment through fixed-term employment and part-time contracts best suits their business models. For the Lichtwerk company, on the other hand, the service contract is the model they have been using for years and have had very good experiences with it and will continue to do so. The consistent use and the additional effort in the administration is worth it.

Despite the large group, the discussion was very factual and calm. Thanks to everyone involved for this constructive and informative evening of at least 5 hours! Client and contractor must continue to talk to each other. You have the next opportunity on 19.02. in Hamburg. Be there, have a say, form your own opinion.

Further dates on this topic:
▸ 02/18/2020 Mothergrid talk round (
▸ 02/19/2020 Hamburg (, venue coming soon)
▸ 02/27/2020 "Commissioning in the event technology" (Link to the VA:…/go-button-veranstaltungen-fue…/)
▸ 05.03.2020 10th general assembly of isdv, Frankfurt
▸ 03/31/2020 Prolight & Sound, Hall 8, isdv booth, Messe Frankfurt, 12:00 p.m

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