IGVW board meeting

On Monday and Tuesday (28.01.-29.01.19) the first closed meeting of the board of directors of the IGVW eV (interest group for event management) took place in Göttingen. This umbrella organization of the industry (founded at the end of 2018), in which the ISDV holds a board position, has set itself the task of bundling all associations and thus all topics of the industry and to develop solutions in the community. In the past, the IGVW has set standards of quality (e.g in the rigging area) created and formulated and participated in DIN committees and influenced the content. A network was also spun in Europe, linking associations at EU level. This will continue to be the case. However, not only technical issues are now on the table, but also security issues that will affect the security industry, labor law issues such as the Working Hours Act or the introduction of ETTE in the industry (European Theater Technician Education). You can bring up topics through your associations and work on the committees. Eg: in the DIN committee or when developing an SQ for stage managers/stage management. Talk to your associations about it. We, the ISDV, have worked hard to get to this point and now we can start. The retreat was very intense and constructive. The members of the Management Board are all very motivated to get things moving. I would like to thank our fellow board members for the retreat, the good conversations and constructive discussions! mark

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